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Capture One built a native integration that is available in Capture One Pro 23 for Mac version 16.2 or newer. for Capture One on Windows is not available at this time. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the integration, please contact Capture One support. in Capture One Pro Explained

The integration for Capture One Pro allows you to import stills from directly into your Capture One catalog or session. Once you’ve made your edits, you can then publish your edited stills to for cloud-based review and approval. You can also use the publish feature with stills captured using Capture One’s powerful tethering workflows.

Getting Started

To get started, open the Cloud Transfer menu by going to File > Import from Cloud. In the Import From dropdown, select Import from and log in to your account. Once logged in, you can add a Project.

Login to from Capture One

Importing Images from

You can import files from a Project in the Cloud Transfer menu. You can open this by going to File > Import from Cloud. If you’ve added your Project to Capture One Pro when you logged in, you can select it from the Import From dropdown menu.

Import images from into Capture One

You can also add a Project by selecting Import from to navigate to the Account, Team, and Project you’d like to import from. Once you’ve selected your Project, select a location on your computer to import the files to.

Add a new project to Capture One and import images

Publishing Images to

To share edits to—whether they’ve been imported from, imported locally, or captured using a tethered workflow—select the images you’d like to export to in the catalog and open the Publish menu by going to Image > Publish >

Note: You must have already logged in to your account.

In the export window, select New Folder under Publish As. Enter the name of the Folder on you would like to upload to, configure the rest of your export settings, then hit Publish.

Publish images from Capture One to

If you had imported the image from, you can select Version Stacking. This will create a version stack on the image imported from with the new, edited image. When selecting Version Stacking, you must still provide a folder name.

💡Note The free version of the integration allows you to import images from projects that have 20 images or fewer and publish up to 5 images at a time to More features are unlocked with a Capture One Live or All in One subscription. Please visit Capture One for more information.

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