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Sharing as a Branded Presentation is solely for the purpose of presenting your images or clips for viewing and downloading.

If you'd like external viewers to leave comments, share the files as Review Pages

When creating your Branded Presentation Page you'll see two layout options Blog and Reel.


This style will show each clip in a vertical layout, like a typical blog. This allows people to scroll through all content on the link at 960px wide while still able to view it fullscreen.


This layout will display a single player window displaying the current asset while the rest of the clips are shown below as a thumbnail, allowing for easy navigation through multiple assets 🙌

A single player window is displayed while the rest of the clips are shown below as a thumbnail, allowing for easy navigation through multiple assets

Autoplay is on by default which means the videos automatically play one after another. Images will also play for 5 seconds before moving onto the next image 🎉

Move forward or backward on the video and click on different assets within the reel strip. Click on the previous/next arrows to view other media or use the left/right arrow keyboard shortcuts.

Before sharing your clips as a Presentation Page, you'll want to make sure that your assets are organized in the order you'd like them to be displayed on the Presentation link. 

To do this, make sure you're sorting your assets by Custom Sort:

Then, simply drag and drop your assets into the order you'd like them displayed in 👍

Once you have your files in the correct order click the purple Share button on the top right of your screen then click Share as presentation.

Adjust the Link Settings according to the receiving recipients. You have the option to enable downloading or to require a password.

The default Branding for your Presentation Pages is set at your Team level, learn how to Configure your teams color scheme for your Presentation pages here

💡 Pro Tip:

Update your Presentation Page with a new version without having to change the URL, just upload the new edit and create a Version Stack. Your link will reflect this update and display the newest version 👏 


Q: Who can share Presentation pages?
A: All account-based users, including Team Members and Collaborators.

Q: Can I choose the order of my files in the Presentation page?
A: Yes, though this needs to be configured within the Custom sort option in your project. This order will reflect in the Presentation page's asset order.

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