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iOS: Share for Review

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Easily generate a Review Link from the iOS, allowing your clients to leave comments without creating an account. 

See the difference between a Review Link and a Presentation Links.

NOTE: Collaborators do not have access to Share for Review

Creating a Review Link

Tap the purple share icon on the top right and select Review Link.

The clips you select will be marked with a purple check-mark. You can select multiple clips or a single clip. Once you've finished selecting your clips, tap Create on the bottom right.

Share the Review Link by entering the recipients' names (if they're already added to your team) or email address. You can also send a personalized message along with the link if you wish.

Tap the purple Settings button to adjust your link settings. 

Allow your recipients to approve clips, download the files, view all versions, and leave comments. Choose to password protect and set an expiry date on the link.

Your shared Review Links will be stored under shares at the top of your project.

Tap the Review Link menu options (three dots) to view the options available.

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