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Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for new Adobe Creative Cloud Subscribers FAQs for new Adobe Creative Cloud Subscribers FAQs
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These are common questions regarding the for Adobe Creative Cloud plan.

  • What am I charged when I sign up?

    • When clicking the link to redeem the Team plan offer, you are not charged.

  • Will I be charged after signing up?

    • Only when you choose to sign up for a premium (Pro or Team) plan. Free plans will remain free for the lifetime of the account. If you decide to continue using on a paid plan, you are billed based on the subscription chosen, users added to the account, and storage selected.
      More information about plans here.

  • Is the billing linked to my Adobe subscription?

    • No, billing is separate from Adobe billing. Your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription does not include premium plans.

  • Does use Adobe Creative Cloud storage? Is the storage shared?

    • No, files stored on are separate from Adobe CC.

  • Can I trial the Team plan if I’ve already had a subscription?

    • No, this offer cannot be applied to existing subscriptions.

  • Can I send this offer to someone else?

    • No, this offer is not transferable.

  • Do I need to upgrade Premiere/After Effects to redeem this offer?

    • No, the offer can be redeemed from the web app version of However, to sign in with your Adobe ID through Premiere or After Effects, you will need to upgrade to Premiere version 22.3.

  • I have an existing Account. Can I log in with my Adobe ID to use this trial?

    • If you use the same email address for both Creative Cloud and, you’ll be signed in to your existing account. To use the expanded offer, change the email address associated with your account in your account settings. Note that your existing assets and projects will not be available in this new account and you’ll need to migrate your assets manually and re-establish sharing and collaborations.

  • Is there anything else I should know about managing users on my plan?

    • Review this article to ensure you understand proper user management on your plan.

These are common questions after logging into

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    • If you don’t want to continue with a paid subscription, your account will automatically revert to the free for Adobe Creative Cloud plan, which includes 2 users, 5 projects, and 100GB of storage. If you’d rather cancel your account, click here to guide you through the cancellation process.

  • Why aren’t all the users on the CC Team added to the same Account

    • users remain separate from Creative Cloud Team users. CC Team members will need to be added to the account.

  • How can I get all the members of my Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise groups added to the same Account? 

    • If you are part of a Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise account, it’s best to have your administrator be the first person to sign in to and create the account. During the initial 30-day Team trial, your Administrator can add up to 15 members of their choice. After the Team trial ends, you can sign up to continue using the Team plan.

  • What if I have more than 15 members on our CC Teams or Enterprise plan who need to join my account?

    • The Enterprise plan is best suited for organizations with more than 15 members who need to collaborate. It allows unlimited members, teams, and storage, as well as enterprise-level security features for content and sign-in credentials. If you are interested in trying the Enterprise plan, read more about it and get in touch with our sales team here.

  • Why can’t I see my teammates' projects?

    • You are most likely on a separate account. Ask your Teammate to add you to their Account but be sure to consider the best practices to manage your team. Read more about how to do this here.

  • Can I add more users or storage to my free account?

    • If you would like additional users or storage, provides Pro and Team plans for whichever supports your workflow needs.

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