Video has always been a composite of all the creative arts, and working with images is an essential part of our art. So, with the Image Viewer, you can now manage even more of your creative assets all in one place.

What the Image Viewer does:

  • Renders high resolution. can render images up to 8K in resolution or 42 megapixel and supports high-res images including over 100 RAW image formats.
  • Zoom, pan, and loupe. You can zoom, pan and Loup to inspect assets at 100% resolution. Annotations that you make on your images will scale as well.
    (keyboard shortcuts listed below). 
  • Full screen viewing. You can also view images in fullscreen mode for a distraction-free experience.
  • Mini image map preview. When you are zoomed in and looking at a large image, use the new mini image map to find your current area of focus.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • F:  full screen, and exit full screen
  • Esc: exit full screen
  • Shift: Image Loupe (100% view)
  • Shift + Click: zooms to 100%
  • -/+:  zoom in/out by double/half
  • Z + Click + Drag: Marquee Zoom
  • Option + swipe left/right: zoom in/out
  • Spacebar + Click + Drag: Pan
  • Scroll wheel: zoom in/out
  • Scrolling on trackpad: zoom in/out
  • Cmd + Shift + Left/Right Arrow: Navigate to previous/next asset
  • Left/Right Arrow: Navigate to previous/next asset (when asset slider is open)
  • Up/Down Arrow: Open/close the asset slider

Currently, the Image Viewer is not available on the Review nor Presentation links.

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