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Tutorial showing best practices of using the extension in Premiere

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All of the core features of are accessible without leaving the latest version of Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Review clips, leave comments and approve finals while still working on your edits.

Import and export assets

Transferring assets to and from is simple through the extension. Download assets to your desktop or import them directly into your workspace. Import source files or select proxies to use on your timeline.

Upload your entire timeline back to, each clip on the timeline, or both. Additionally, convert any existing timeline markers to comments upon upload.

Real-time feedback

When others are leaving feedback on your uploads from the web app, iPhone app, or any other integration, you can see them populate in real-time, all within the same space you're making your edits. No need to refresh the extension.

Timeline sync

After comments are left on the clip, sync the player to the timeline for quick edits. With Timeline Sync turned on, Premiere/After Effects and playheads will stay in sync as you scrub the timeline. Click on comments in to move the playhead on your timeline.

Import comments

Once the sequence is linked, click the Import Comments button. This creates new markers directly associated with the clips left on Click on the Markers window in Premiere/After Effects to see each reviewer and their comments. Isolate the comments visually or search for text within a comment.

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