There are two ways to share clips. Share as a Review gives access to share certain files within a project, allowing for comments without users needing to log in. Share as a Presentation page is solely for the purpose of presenting clips for viewing and downloading without commenting.

Share as a Review

Invite people to collaborate on specific files by Sharing as a Review Page. Choose any files within a project, even if some of those files are in folders, then build a page for users to be able to see comments on those clips and leave their own comments.

NOTE: Collaborators cannot Share as a Review. Only Team Members can.

To get started, click Share on the right and select Share as review page.

Selected clips have a checkmark indicating the file will be included on the Review link. Select individual files and even include files within different folders. 

When clicking Select All, this will select all files within that folder and not within subsequent folders.
Once you're finished selecting files, click Share # Selected Items.

Next, customize the Link Settings. Name this link by clicking Share Link Name to easily identify this specific group of clips. Then, change the basic settings according to the audience you're sharing this with. Allow them to Approve the clips, see all versions or download the clips. Secure your files by requiring a password or expiring this link.

If you would rather send an email, customize the Email Settings to share directly from this window. Enter the email addresses and personalize it with a message.

Review Page:

When clicking on a Review link, it's setup similar to the Player page except this displays the thumbnails across the top. You will not see any folder structure even if the files were in folders.

When leaving your first comment, only your email and name are requested but you're not creating a account. This is only to notify who left the comment to the Team Members of the project.


Allow reviewers to mark a clip as Approved, In Progress or Needs Review.

Review Links:

Manage all Review Links within the project from this page. Hover over the thumbnails to get a glimpse of the clips in the review page, see the total view count, set a link to Active, see the expiration date, Edit Content and Edit Settings.

Share as a Presentation

Sharing a Branded Presentation is solely for the purpose of presenting clips for viewing and downloading without commenting/collaborating.

Before you share your clips as a Presentation Page you'll want to make sure that your assets are organized in the order you need them to be in. To do this, make sure you're viewing your files in grid view through the custom sort option and organize them there. At this time, only the Custom Sort order will translate to your Presentation Page.  
Once you have them in the correct order click Share on the right and select Share as presentation

By default, sharing is set to off for privacy and security. Once you turn sharing on, a URL is created so you can send it out.

Password protect your footage, allow users to download the clips and also expire this link. 

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