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Uploading files is taking longer than expected
Uploading files is taking longer than expected

Understand how uploading works and what could affect your uploads

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Whether you are using the web app, Premiere, or FCPX to upload your files, you may experience different speeds. It will make an overall difference in speed if you upload all files at once. Additionally, your internet connection has a lot to do with the speed of the upload.

How does uploading work in

If you upload a single file, it is sliced into 20MB chunks. We upload 5 chunks concurrently to saturate your available bandwidth fully. The uploader is not waiting for a file to finish all of its chunks before it starts uploading the next file. As soon as a chunk has finished, the uploader grabs the next chunk (regardless of which file they belong to).

That being said, if you need a specific file out of a group of files uploaded fast, consider doing them in batches of importance.

Browser Extensions / Plugins can affect uploads

We've found that some Chrome extensions have caused issues allowing people to upload files. To troubleshoot, switch to Safari or Firefox, and if you're able to upload without issue, the problem is with a Chrome extension. The same goes for Firefox or Safari Plugins.

Try a different browser, and then start disabling extensions to see if you can pinpoint which one is causing the issue.

Internet Connection affecting uploads

If you're on WiFi, try using a wired connection if possible. Also, if you're at a public WiFi location, this can absolutely be the cause. After explaining how uploads files, if you're using other media apps such as Spotify, YouTube, etc., this could also be causing slower uploads. Reducing interruptions to saturate your available bandwidth fully will increase the speeds of the uploads.

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