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How to upload

Frame.io will accept any file uploaded to your Project. File types that support viewers and reviewing features include all common video, image, audio, and PDF types.

There are a number of ways you can begin uploading in the Frame.io web app

Upload your media by dragging and dropping the file or folder anywhere onto the project 👏

Or, select New > File upload or Folder upload on the top right of your project.

In both cases, if you choose to upload folders, Frame.io will retain the folder structure automatically 🙌

No need to compress your media beforehand either. You can upload your largest files and we'll make sure it plays back smoothly when it's ready. Frame.io uses an accelerated file uploader, which allows for speeds up to 5 times faster than the top file-sharing services.

Frame.io encodes the files into HTML5 videos to play seamlessly on the web while still storing the original file available for download.

NOTE: The proxy bitrates used for streaming are

  • 4k (2160p): 12 ~ 20 Mbps

  • 1080p: 4 ~ 7 Mbps

  • 720p: 3 ~ 5 Mbps

  • 540p: 2 ~ 3 Mbps

  • 360p: 1 ~ 2 Mbps

Also, there is a 500GB upload cap for all video files. All other asset types will have a 5TB upload cap. Otherwise, storage capacity will be based on your subscription limitations.

Once the upload is complete, hover scrubs are instantly created for videos and thumbnails for your still images. Non-media file types will be identified with a file icon.

Sort your files in the order you need to view them. Choose from the following:

Other ways to upload

The web app can handle any upload, but there are numerous ways to upload your media into Frame.io outside of the web app.

  • The Frame.io Transfer app supports uploading and downloading on your desktop at lightning speeds. The Transfer uploader is even faster than our web app, which is perfect when handling large batches. Learn more here.

  • The Frame.io Mac App acts as both a standalone desktop uploader and a full-app integration with Final Cut Pro X. Learn more about this extension here.

  • With any app integration that supports Frame.io (Premiere, Resolve, etc.), the option to upload is always available. Check out our integration FAQs to learn more.

  • The Frame.io iOS app for iPhone and iPad is your best bet for uploading on the go, on set, or if that's just where you captured your media and want to upload it into Frame.io right away. Check out more info on our award-winning app here.

  • More ways to upload can be discovered by creating brand new connections in Zapier, with apps such as YouTube, Box, and Wistia. Check out our Uploading with Zapier guide in our technical documentation here.


Q: What is the file size limit for uploads?

A: For video files that you would like to see proxies for, the max upload size is 500GB, however, you can still upload and share assets up to 5TB in size.

Q: Are the proxy bitrates constant or variable?

A: MP4 proxy bitrates for streaming are variable based on resolution. Enterprise accounts using HLS playback or Watermark ID will automatically change bitrate based on the viewer's bandwidth.

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