Enterprise account users have two ways to set-up their media to be watermarked for an additional layer of security: Watermark ID and Static Watermarking.

Watermark ID

Watermark ID offers Enterprise users a dynamic option for video security playback. When this feature is enabled within a shared link and any viewer presses play, Frame.io completes a real-time and on-demand transcode of the video with personal identifying information onto each frame. Display the viewer's name, email, IP address, date, or your own custom text to ensure your content is traceable back to the original viewer.

Editing your Watermark Template

While we offer standard templates, you have the option to create your own watermarks for sharing and internal playback. 

To customize, select an initial template and click Create a new Template to open the template editor. Drag and drop the text fields anywhere on the frame and stylize it with text size, color and even text scrolling, making it even more difficult to leak secure content. Click Save changes to save your custom template. This template can now be used by any Team Member on your account.

Static Watermarking

Set a basic watermark across all projects within a team by enabling this feature. To do this, create a new team or select an existing team from the Teams tab in your account settings. Select the Watermark tab under the Team Settings to display all watermarking options.

Change the watermark text, select the position of the watermark and adjust the opacity of the watermark.

Both watermarking features are only available on Enterprise Accounts. Contact Frame.io support for more information.


Q: For Watermark ID, you claim the ID fields will transcode in real-time. Is this the same for my 5-hour video, or will it take longer?
Even for long-form content, the Watermark ID will transcode for playback incredibly fast!

Q: For Watermark ID, how come I made template with name and email text fields but it isn’t populating in my share?
A: At this time, Watermark ID shares will only track name and email address if it is set as an Invite Only share. Public shares currently do not track this.

Q: For both watermark features, will the layered text be burned into the downloaded video as well?
For Watermark ID, the watermark will be burned into the video stream. You will not have the option to download this content if Watermark ID is enabled. For Static Watermarking, your original uploaded file will not have the watermark burned in, but the proxies associated with that file will be. You can download both original and proxies with Static Watermark enabled.

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