Our Enterprise solution is built to solve business challenges based on their unique requirements and advanced media workflows. They offer exclusive features and benefits not found in our self-serve plans. If any of these are of interest to you, please contact our Sales Team 👍

Enterprise Features and Benefits

Multi-Team Support

This is ideal for separating teams by content type, department, client, and or geography.

  • Each team can have its own branding, which is perfect for separating teams by channel or creating a team specifically for your more important client(s), for example.

  • Simple top-down overview as to the teams and resources being used

  • Resources can be apportioned to specific teams if wanted, which not only provides greater control but also simplifies charging back to that cost center (team/department) if that's how your organization works.

  • Control over who has visibility and access to which teams.

Secure Sharing

  • Secure sharing via login-only ensures that only approved Frame.io users can access the review and presentation links, allowing for more peace-of-mind.

  • Account-level controls allow admins to enforce this authorization configuration on all share links across their accounts.

Single Sign-On Support

  • SSO and enhanced security options

  • Multiple administrators and more user roles

  • Enables you to federate out responsibility while retaining full control

  • Single administrative dashboard which simplifies control of multiple teams and many users

Watermark ID

  • Set at the team level or session-based when sharing. Watermarking is burned in on upload for viewing, leaving the original file untouched.

  • Customize your Watermarks using our template editor to position text blocks and capture user info such as name, email, IP address, and more.

Life Cycle Policy Management

  • Set auto-expire policies for folders/files per team. Assets will automatically move into a trash can upon expiration.

  • Assets are searchable and retrievable from the trash can, and the trash can storage does not count against the accounts storage provision.

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Extra care and attention advocating for your needs and wants

  • Ensuring workflows are optimized

  • Super speedy answers and resolutions

  • Professional onboarding and training

And More! Including:

  • Custom user limit, teams, and workspaces for robust workflows

  • Custom storage limit, starting at 1TB active and archival

  • Inbox for managing all your links in one location

  • Support for HDR 10-bit

  • Custom integrations

  • Priority customer support

  • Exclusive access to our Beta programs

If this looks like the right solution for you, contact our Sales team to see if the Enterprise solution is right for your company 🙌

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