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 Archiving projects

Send your finished projects to Archival Storage by selecting the option from your project settings.

Archiving a project sends it to your ‘Archived Projects’ section within your Team. All assets within the archived project will be available to view, share, and download.

They will also be available in the search results and will have the Archive icon next to the name. Once a project is archived, no other assets can be added to the project.

Review and Presentation links will remain accessible.

If you wish to unarchive the project later, you can select the ‘unarchive’ option in your project settings, and the project will move back to the active project list under your team. You will be notified via the in-app notification and also email when unarchiving is complete 👍

Managing Archival Storage

For customers on some legacy pricing plans, archival storage can be managed from your billing page. It can be added in bulks of 1TB:

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