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 Archiving projects

Send your finished projects to Archival Storage by selecting the option from your project settings.

Archiving a project sends it to a separate storage bin for long-term storage. All assets within the archived project will be available to view, share, and download. Video and audio files will only be available as low-resolution proxies.

They will also be available in the search results and will have the Archive icon next to the name. Once a project is archived, no other assets can be added to the project. 

Review and Presentation links will remain accessible; however, downloaded files will also be proxied while a project is archived. 

If you wish to unarchive the project later, the process may take 3 to 5 hours to unarchive. You will be notified via the in-app notification and also email when unarchiving is complete 👍

Managing Archival Storage

Archival storage can be managed from your billing page. It can be added in bulks of 1TB:

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