Archival Storage is available in beta as an add-on product to your subscription. If you'd like to be added to our beta waitlist just contact support.

Managing Archival Storage

Archival storage can be managed from your billing page, it can be added in bulks of 1TB:


Archiving projects:

Send your finished projects to Archival Storage by selecting the option from your project settings.

Archiving a project, sends it to long-term storage. The low resolution proxy for video and audio files will remain available for viewing and sharing. If a proxy clip wasn't generated for the asset, the full file will remain accessible. Once a project is archived, no other assets can be added to the project. 

Review and Presentation links will remain accessible however, downloading options cannot be accessed while a project is archived. 

Assets and Projects that are archived will be viewable in the search results and will have the Archive icon next to the name.

It will take 3 to 5 hours to unarchive (or retrieve) a project. You will be notified via the in-app notification and also email when unarchiving is complete 👍 


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