There are two ways to share your files.

Share as a Review Page: This allows you to share certain files to an external reviewer, allowing for comments without users needing to create a account.

Share as a Presentation Page: This is solely for the purpose of presenting clips for viewing and downloading.
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Review Pages in a nutshell:

  • Share files to external clients for Review
  • Review Pages give you more control, external users only have access to the files you've shared.
  • Review Pages give you the ability to enable/disable downloading, set password protection and set an expiration date for the link.
  • If  you want to share files for viewing without allowing external clients to leave comments then skip ahead to sharing as a Presentation Page


Review Pages:

Review Pages allow clients to leave feedback on videos, stills, and PDFs without having to create a or account.

Sharing your assets as Review Pages, gives you more control and privacy while allowing clients to collaborate on files.

You have the ability to:

  • Set an expiration date/time, 
  • Set passphrase protection, 
  • Enable/disable downloading 
  • Enable/disable the ability for clients to view all versions within a shared version stack.


Share as a Review Page

To create a Review Page, click the purple Share icon at the top right, then select Share as Review Link.

You'll be given the option “Select all” files, which will add all files in that location to the link, or, you can select specific files to share. Files that have been selected will have a purple checkbox ️

Note: If you choose Select All, this will select all files within that folder, it will not include any files within sub-folders.

Once you're finished selecting the files you want to share, then just click Create Link.

You have the ability to customize your Link Settings. We recommend giving your link a title, it makes it easier to keep track of your Review Pages.

Adjust the Link Settings according to the receiving recipients. Allow them to Approve the clips, see all versions or download the clips

Secure your files by requiring a password or setting a link expiration date under the advanced settings.

Once you're happy with your settings, you'll be given the option to copy the link and share via link or Share via email which sends the link directly to the recipients email from

If you choose to send via email, enter the email addresses, personalize it with a message and click Send.

💡 Top Tip:

External clients won't see any comments marked as “team only” but if you don't want them to have access to any existing comments, create a version stack by uploading a new version, stacking it on top of the existing version and then Share as a Review Page.

Be sure to disable Show All Versions so they'll only see the newest version in the stack 🙌

NOTE: Collaborators do not have access to Share as a Review Page.

Viewing a Review Page:

Viewing files on a Review link, is very similar to the Player Page within If you set a passphrase, the client will be asked to enter this, once they do this the shared files will appear.  

Click on any asset to open it, if the file is part of a version stack you can easily switch between the versions and even compare side by side.

Existing comments will be collapsed by default to give a better viewing experience. To expand the comments click on the message icon on the right corner.

Reply directly to comments or leave some of your own. 

If you have enabled Approvals in your Link Settings, reviewers will have the ability to mark a clip as Approved, In Progress or Needs Review.

Reviewers/Clients will receive email notifications when someone replies to their comment 🙌


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