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Getting Started: How do I share with others?
Getting Started: How do I share with others?

Sharing methods explained

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One of the best parts about using is how simple it is to share media for anyone to watch or review, even if they don’t have a account themselves. It’s also completely free and unlimited! Explained below are the two best ways to share your media.

Review Link

Click on the large purple button to Share on the right of the project screen or inside the video player to get started. There will be two share options listed. The first of the two share options to choose from is Share for Review.

This share link is best used for external clients to leave media feedback. Send just one or as many assets as you want in one Review Link, and make sure it is protected with a passphrase or an expiration date.

Once they open the Review Link, they can access the media shared with them any time they want and will have a video player experience similar to you, with a comment box below the player to leave their frame-accurate feedback.

Presentation Link

If you’re only looking to share media as view-only, then choose Share as a Presentation Link. This share link is best used for external clients solely to present media for viewing-only and downloading. There is also an additional setting in the Presentation Link to change Layout to switch from Blog or Reel formats and choose a color scheme to match the branding of your client.

Make it easy to share your media with anyone with either Review or Presentation Links on

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