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Frame.io already makes video review easy and intuitive, and now we’re doing the same for HDR video review. Traditionally, creatives could only review HDR files in a facility on a specially calibrated monitor. With many studios and platforms treating the HDR deliverable as the main or “hero” deliverable, it is difficult for creatives to actually see the content they are delivering. With HDR in Frame.io, that changes. HDR review is now in your pocket. Frame.io makes it possible for robust, end-to-end HDR workflows.

Frame.io currently supports HDR on the iPhone and iPad apps, and we've designed our HDR feature to take advantage of Apple’s wide array of HDR-enabled devices. The latest generation of iPhones and iPad Pros include reliable color accuracy out of the box. This removes the inconsistency of web browsers and computer monitors from the display pipeline and allows Frame.io to provide a targeted solution for HDR review for the most widely available color accurate displays. Creating an accurate HDR experience relies both on the file you generate and the display you view it on. HDR on Frame.io is an easy and reliable solution that delivers accurate reviews of HDR content.

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For more information on HDR and Frame.io, please visit frame.io/hdr.

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