Account Strategies for Adobe CC Customers
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Adobe Creative Cloud Team and Enterprise users who join will not have their existing organizational structures carried over. Each user who joins will be granted their own personal account, of which they are the Owner and Administrator.

We strongly recommend that Adobe Creative Cloud Team and Enterprise Administrators use their own personal accounts as the main account to work from as a Team. By having the Admin invite existing Team Members to their account, they retain more control on who can access content and take certain actions. Read more here to better understand how certain roles in accounts differ and what actions they can take.

This strategy also allows the Team or Enterprise Admin to maintain control over any additional billing for premium plans and features, which today are separate from the Adobe Business Platform.


Q: Why isn’t my team automatically added to

A: As separate systems, we cannot support the automated ingestion of your team and organization structures at this time.

Q: How do I get my team into one place?

A: Identify a “primary” account to use for your work. As stated above, we recommend using the Administrator’s account for this. As the owner of that account, the Admin should build out work projects as needed and invite their colleagues from Adobe Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise to that account as Team Members or Collaborators, depending on the work those users need to perform.

Q: Do I need to pay to keep my team together?

A:’s premium plans that allow for greater users and storage are not included within Adobe Creative Cloud at this time. From a single account, upgrade the account to the right premium plan that fits your needs. At this time, you will need to maintain payment for that plan on the platform.

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