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Understanding your account and plan options
Understanding your account and plan options

FAQs for plan and user structure

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Who needs access as a paid user?

Before explaining the differences between the plans, we need to explain the types of access in a account.

Team Members and Collaborators have more access and control within your account, and these are paid users. However, if you only need someone to leave comments on specific clips or you need someone to approve a clip without leaving comments, this does not require a paid user.

This is a simplified way to understand different types of access between users and non-users.

  • Add users as Team Members (paid) if they need to create/delete projects or need access to all projects.

  • Add users as Collaborators (paid) to projects when they need access to upload or organize files within that project.

  • Send a Review link (free) to people who only need to leave comments on specific clips.

  • Send a Presentation link (free) to people who should only have visibility on specific clips (usually final delivery).

Can I add a paid user for a short amount of time?

Absolutely. When you add a user, you will be charged a prorated amount only for the remainder of the month/year (depending on your subscription). As users are paid by usage, be sure to remove them from your account if they're finished working on the project or within the account. When you remove a user, you will be credited the prorated amount, which will reflect on your next invoice.

What are the current subscription options?

New plans have been introduced, allowing subscribers to add users and storage as they need. Price per user can be found on our Pricing page and the separate features between Free, Pro, Team, and Enterprise.

How can I transfer to a new subscription plan?

If you’re on a subscription from 2018 or older and want to move to a new plan outlined on our Pricing page, keep in mind that Collaborators were not paid users on older plans. You will want to review your account and remove any Team Members or Collaborators who no longer require access before changing your plan. You are not automatically billed for users that are no longer active in your account. We can then transfer your account to a new Pricing plan based on the total number of Team Members and Collaborators.

You can remove Team Members and Collaborators from your Accounts page.

Need more assistance?

If you have any other questions or are ready to transfer, please feel free to click the icon at the bottom right of this page, or if you’re logged in to your Account, click the ? at the top right section of the page.

Contact to learn more.

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