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The power of collaboration lives within the commenting section

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There's a lot of rich information in the Comments Bar, the place where you can view all feedback notes left on your media. At the top, see the total number of comments, the ability to download comments, sort the comments, and the option to hide/show completed comments.

When clicking the number of New Comments, it will scroll down to the first comment you need to see.

All of the comments are live, so when you click on one, it will take you directly to that frame as well as any annotation. The paintbrush icon indicates the comment has an annotation drawn on it.

Mark a comment as completed by clicking on the circle. Then you can hide the comments or also show only completed comments.

Organize comments by the department with a hashtag. This is a great way to sort comments for your different departments: color, VFX, vo, edit, legal, etc. Clicking a hashtag will filter the other comments with those hashtags. You can also search throughout the comments by commenter or by information in the comments.

Thumbs up the comment or even reply directly to the comment. Team Members have the ability to delete any comment, while Collaborators can only edit/delete their own comments.

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