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Enterprise Admin, Team Manager and Team Member roles explained

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There are expanded roles and controls for managing multiple teams on an Enterprise account.

The full list of Enterprise roles and user permissions can be seen in this chart below, along with detailed explanations for administrative roles:

Team Members (Regular Members) do not have administrative control over the company account. Regular members can only join or leave visible teams in the Team Directory from a team management perspective.

Team manager is not a distinct role, but an option to be enabled for regular members. Multiple users can be team managers on a team.

Team managers can

  • Add or remove user's access from their team

  • Set other team members as team managers

  • Change the branding for their team

  • Only join or leave visible teams in the Team Directory

Team managers cannot

  • Remove users from their account

  • Update allocations

  • Delete their teams

  • Edit team names 

  • Change team visibility

  • Create new teams

  • Set roles for other members to admin or team member

Admins have the highest privileges. From a user's perspective, each admin is automatically a team manager for a team they are a member of. 

Admins can

  • Access billing

  • Set allocations for teams

  • Create and delete teams

  • Logout other users from their sessions

  • Set roles for other regular team members (i.e., turn them into team managers or admins)

  • They can access all teams (visible and private) via the Team Directory

Adjusting a User's Role

From Users & Teams, when clicking on a User, it will display their role and the teams they are on. To change the user's role to an Admin role, select the dropdown at the top right under the user's name, and then choose Admin or Regular Member.

Under the list of teams, team managers and Admins can Enable Team Management for team members. Remove users from teams by clicking Edit and then choose the teams to remove them from.

NOTE: If you are on Free, Pro, or Team plans, read this article to learn about your plan's available user roles.

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