Who can access my projects? 

Projects set as 'public' are discoverable by all Team Members on your account and can be accessed by Collaborators who have been invited to the project. 

Projects set as 'private' are not discoverable and can be accessed only by specific Team Members and Collaborators who have been invited to the project.


Requesting access to a project:

If you land on a project page that you don't have access to, you can request access from the project owner. Before you request access to a project, check to make sure you're logged into Frame.io with the email address that you want authorized.

If you haven't confirmed the email you're logged in with, you won't be able to request project access through the web app. 


Granting access to a project or asset: 

If another user requests access to one of your projects, you will be notified via email. You can accept or ignore project access requests from the Jone Requests notification pane in your web app. 


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