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Adding users and storage to my account
Adding users and storage to my account

Easy to expand on your storage and user capacity

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We know our users want the ability to add more storage and users when needed, so we allow you to customize your plan at any time from your Billing page 🎉

To access your Billing page, click the logo on the top left and select Account Settings.


Users refer to Team Members and Collaborators. Every Collaborator or Team Member you invite is a paid user (prices will vary depending on your subscription).

A Collaborator can be added to multiple projects and still be counted as one user.

Adding a Team Member

Click on the logo at the top left and select Add Members.

Click the purple Invite Users button on the top right. If you're added to multiple teams, select the team you'd like to invite the Team Member to, enter the user(s) email address, and click Invite Members. 

The cost for adding the Team Member will be displayed before you send the invite.


Adding Collaborators

If a collaborator is already active in Frame on another account, they will be charged as soon as you invite them, regardless if they hit the collaborator join link. If they have never had a Frame account, they will not be charged until they join the project.

The charge for the user will be displayed in the invite window.

Removing Collaborators

Be sure to remove a Collaborator from your account if they're finished working on the project. You can remove them from your account at any time, and you will receive a credit on your account for any unused days in the billing period.

Adding Storage

Storage is available to add in blocks of 250GB. To do this, click "Manage Storage," then add what you need. 🙌

An additional 250GB of storage costs $15 per month on the Pro and Team Plans.

💡  If you increase your users/storage mid-billing period, you'll pay the prorated amount today and pay the new subscription amount on your next billing date.

If you have any questions, contact support at or by chatting with us using the ? icon on the top right of your account.👍


Q: What type of users can add members or storage to an account?
A: Only the Team Owner/Admin can invite or remove another Team Member or purchase additional storage.

Q: Does adding a Collaborator count as adding a user to my account?
A: This depends on the subscription plan you currently have. For today's plans we currently offer, a Collaborator will count as a user and add to your overall monthly/annual payment. This may not affect certain legacy plans.

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