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Adding/removing Collaborators from Projects
Adding/removing Collaborators from Projects

How to add and remove a Collaborator from a Project

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Adding Collaborators to an individual Project

To add a user to a project as a Collaborator, open the project, click the (+) plus user sign at the top right. If the user is already added to your account, you can search for them by name, and if they're not already part of your account, you can invite them by email address.

You can choose to send a personalized message with the invite too 🙌

The cost for adding a collaborator will be displayed once you enter their name/email:

The user will receive an email notification asking them to join the project. Users must sign in with the exact email address that has been invited.

Until they confirm, you will see them on the Project as a Pending Collaborator. You can resend the invite if needed too.

A collaborator requires a paid user; the cost will be displayed before sending your invite.
NOTE: For details on adding multiple users and Project Sharing, skip ahead.

💡 Pro Tip

Enable the project invite link, which will generate a URL, send this URL out so users can add themselves to the project. Be sure to disable the link once they've joined 👍

Collaborator Management

Admins can manage the collaborators added across all projects from the account settings page.

Click the Manage Collaborators button on the Users tab to show all collaborators within the account and when they were last active.

Admins will have the ability to remove any collaborator from the entire account from this list:

NOTE: Team Members will not have access to Collaborator Management

Removing a Collaborator from an individual Project

Remove a user from a project by selecting the project, click on the plus (+) on the top right, click the (x) on the user that should be removed from that project. Click Remove to confirm the action.

NOTE: Team Members can remove Collaborators from individual projects. Admins will have access to remove Collaborators from an account level.

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