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Download our native iPad app directly from the App Store. Our app is completely free.

Click the logo to download for iPhone or iPad

Our native iPad app comes with some additional options and features, making your mobile experience more flexible. Our iPad app allows you to view color-accurate footage by leveraging Apple's high-quality iPad displays.

Split view

Split view means you keep in view on one side of your screen while also viewing apps like Final Draft, Slack, FaceTime on the other, allowing you to view scripts and chat with your team or talk face-to-face, without having to leave

💡 Pro Tip: Drag and Drop text directly from email, notes, iMessage, and PDFs while in Split view. 

Detailed annotations with Apple Pencil

Our iPad app works with Apple Pencil, making it easier to leave detailed drawings and annotations on your work or edit scripts and leave notes ✏️ 

Keyboard shortcuts

  • J to rewind 

  • K pause/play

  • L fast forward

  • Space to pause/play

  • Left/Right arrow keys to navigate frame by frame

Reveal this menu by holding down the CMD key: 


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