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Getting Started: How do I upload media?
Getting Started: How do I upload media?

Uploading methods explained

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Updated over a week ago is the single source to store all of your project’s files while simplifying sharing and collecting feedback. There are multiple ways to upload files into your account.

Web App

Through the web app, simply drag and drop files and folders into any project space to initiate the media upload. Select New > File upload or Folder upload on the top right of your project to pull up a menu and select your media. Entire folder structures can even be dragged into Notice those lightning-fast uploads ⚡ iOS App

Does your media live on your iPhone or iPad? It’s easy to start uploading with the iOS app. No need to export media to your desktop first; just open the app, tap Upload inside a Project, and immediately see the media populate inside the web app for everyone to access. Transfer App

We also recommend downloading the Transfer app, available for Mac and PC, for bulk web app uploads. This companion desktop app pairs with the web app as a hub for easy uploading and downloading and is great for managing your existing files. If you thought the web app was fast, Transfer is actually the fastest way of uploading and downloading your media to and from

Start with any of these methods to get your media into and let’s get to reviewing faster!

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