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Better organize your assets in Transfer

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The Transfer app will display your entire account structure for you to view all your content, initiate actions to download, and organize.

For those with long lists of transfers or long file names – you can drag any corner or edge of the app window to expand or contract the width or height to reveal more transfers and longer asset names.

Users can manage their content further through a folder created within the app. New folders and private folders can be created from the project root or inside any existing subfolder by right-clicking on either listing. You can also reveal items in to redirect to the location inside of the web app to view in full and delete files and folders in your account directly from Transfer.

Assets, folders, and projects can be searched for across your account via the “Jump to...” search bar in the file navigator. Similar to the web app, you can type in any keyword to navigate to the location of the item you’re looking for in the Transfer app.

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