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Frame.io C2C Connected Devices upload files directly to a Frame.io Project you designate when the device is authorized.

Click here to learn about authorizing a C2C Connected Device in Frame.io.

Files from Frame.io C2C Connected Devices are uploaded into a fixed folder structure so that you always know where they will be when they are uploaded. This fixed folder structure can be viewed by all members of a Project.

Fixed Folder Structure

For Frame.io C2C, we developed a fixed folder structure on Frame.io so you always know where your files are going to upload in your Project.

Cloud_Devices > Date > Device Type > Device

After Frame.io C2C is enabled on a Project, a folder named Cloud_Devices will be created once the first C2C file is uploaded to the Project. All Frame.io C2C Connected Devices will upload into this folder from this point on.

💡 NOTE: Setting this folder to Private will prevent Collaborators from viewing these files. Click here to learn more about permission levels in Frame.io.

Inside the Cloud_Devices folder, Frame.io C2C Connected Devices will automatically upload into folders that will display the current date of the upload. Inside those dated folders will be folders that designate the device type it was uploaded from—such as Video or Audio. Inside the “device type” folder will be folders for each individual device. The names of these folders will be based on the internal name of the Frame.io C2C Connected Device and should be unique. Your files will be inside these device folders.


Sharing Frame.io C2C Files

Once files from your Frame.io C2C Connected Devices have been uploaded to Frame.io, they can be moved, copied, or shared like any other asset in your Project.

As an example - at the end of a shoot day, you might want to create a Presentation Link to share dailies selects with Collaborators or other colleagues who aren’t in your Frame.io C2C Project.

Learn more about Presentation Links and Review Links.

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