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Log file and EDL support in Transfer
Log file and EDL support in Transfer

Track your progress and find your assets easier

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Log files

A log file containing each asset's status and progress within a batch will be created with every upload and download. To access the log file, right-click on any in-progress or completed transfer. If viewed while the action is in progress, the log will update in real-time with the upload/download status information. The log file will be saved in the same location as the selected file and can be adjusted via the app preferences.

Once completed, the log file will display if the files were uploaded, verified, unverified, failed, canceled, and if any new folders were created in the process. If a file has failed, the log will give a further explanation for the reason. If a file is unverified by a checksum, the link to the file will be listed for quick access to see if the file was delivered without any issues.

EDL Support

The Transfer app also offers selective download support for EDL, FCPXML, and FCP7 XML files to help you find and download your assets on more efficiently. If you've previously exported an EDL, FCPXML, or FCP7 XML from your preferred NLE, Transfer can download all linked assets directly from your selected project or folder, without you having to search and download assets manually.

To enable this, click on the Set Download List button located at the bottom of the app window (next to the Upload button), select your EDL, FCPXML, or FCP7 XML file, then click Download. All linked assets within your list will start to download automatically. A log file is also created when the download begins, indicating whether files have been found, failed, retried, or successfully downloaded.

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