Sales Tax FAQ
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Why is charging sales tax?
Our tax obligations vary by region and may change over time. We are required to charge tax in a given region once we reach a certain level of revenue and/or transactions in that region. This threshold, as well as the amount of applicable tax, is governed by local tax laws.

Why am I being taxed?
If you see sales tax appear on your invoices, it is because your billing address is located in a region where has a tax obligation. A tax obligation means we are required by law to collect sales tax on subscriptions.

What if I am tax-exempt?
Please contact the support team to inform them of your tax exemption status. You will be required to provide a copy of your state-issued tax-exempt certificate.

What if I don’t think my location is correct?
If you are an admin of your account, you can update your billing information by navigating to your billing settings, selecting ‘Payment Method’, and selecting ‘Update Card’ under the ‘Card Information' section.

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