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Updating Your Billing Address FAQ
Updating Your Billing Address FAQ
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Why am I being asked to supply a billing address?
We use your billing address to verify your card information, which helps protect against fraudulent payments. We also use your billing address to determine the appropriate sales tax to apply to your subscription.If you subscribed prior to Feb. 10, 2022, you may not have been asked for a billing address on signup. However, in order to continue to provide an accurate and secure billing experience, we must occasionally update our requirements.

What if I need to change my billing address?
If you are an admin on a non-enterprise account, you can update your billing information by navigating to your billing settings, selecting ‘Payment Method’ and selecting ‘Update’ under the ‘Card Information’ section. If you are an enterprise admin, contact for assistance.

Which address should I supply?
Please provide the billing address associated with your payment method. We use your billing address to verify your payments. If the address you entered does not match your payment method, payments may not process. If you need your invoices to reflect a secondary address, please contact support for assistance.

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