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Project Settings

The projects you create are by default secure inside your account. The only people who have access are those you choose to invite to the project.

Within your account, projects can be set to Public or Private.

Setting a Project to Public means any Team Member on your Team will have access to this project. 

Projects set as Private are only seen by the Team Members invited to the project by the creator of the project. 

If you communicate to your team with Slack, enabling Slack Notifications will post all project notifications to a single Slack channel 👏

Collaborator Permissions

Collaborators already have limited permissions in your project. However, downloading can be enabled or disabled under each Project's Settings.

NOTE: Accounts created before August 14th, 2018, can allow Collaborators to share presentations and to add other Collaborators to projects. These permissions can be disabled on a per-project basis. We have removed these collaborator permissions for accounts created after this date. 

My Email Notifications relate to the email notifications you want to receive. 

Enabling "New Comment" means any comments made by other users on the Project will trigger a New Comment email notification. 

Enabling "New Media Uploads" means an email notification will be sent every time a new upload is made to this project by another user.

Enabling "New Person Joins" means you will be notified when a New Person has been added to the project by other users. 

When "Media Status Updated" is enabled, you will be notified as soon as a clip is labeled as Approved, In Progress, or Needs Review.

Everyone Else's Email Notifications sets the default notification setting for the collaborators. However, users can adjust their own notifications.

💡 Pro Tip

Receiving too many emails? Adjust the frequency of your project notifications to every 30 minutes, hourly or daily, or turn off with None.

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