Allow Collaborators to join a project without sending an invite by generating an share URL.

There are two ways to generate this URL. From your project settings or from your project user list.

Open Project Settings by clicking the three dots on the top right of your Project screen. Next, turn Project Sharing to ON, this generates a link that can be shared. 

Be sure to Save Settings or the link will not be enabled 👍

From your project user list:

click the (+) plus user sign at the top right of the project and enable the project invite link which will generate the URL. This link can be sent to multiple users 🙌 

Be sure to disable the link once they've joined 👍

Adding your Team to a project

If you're added to multiple teams you can search for any team you’re a member of within your current account, and invite that entire team to your project 🎉 

Adding users in bulk 

You can copy and paste a list of users into the invite field to send a bulk invite. Whether it’s a CSV list of users or the output you get when copying a list of users from your email address book.

Be sure to switch Project Sharing OFF after the Collaborator(s) have joined the Project. If you remove a collaborator, they can rejoin the project as long as they have the URL to join and Sharing is still set to ON.

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