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Project Sharing: Invite multiple users to your Project
Project Sharing: Invite multiple users to your Project

Share an invite link so users can add themselves to a project

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Allow Collaborators to join a project without sending an invite by generating a project invite link.

You can generate a project invite link from the project invite modal. Here’s how:

When you’re in a project, click the (+) plus user sign at the top right of the project to open the project invite modal. From here, you can enable the project invite link. Anyone with this link will be able to join your project as a collaborator.

If you no longer want people to join your project via its invite link, go back to the project, invite modal and delete the link.

Note: When you delete a project invite link and then re-enable it, a different link is generated for security purposes. This means that people who had access to your first invite link will no longer be able to join the project if they haven’t already. They would need access to the second invite link to join your project. (Users who are already collaborators on your project are not impacted when you delete an invite link.)

Adding your Team to a project

If you're added to multiple teams, you can search for any team you’re a member of within your current account and invite that entire team to your project 🎉 

Adding users in bulk 

You can copy and paste a list of users into the invite field to send a bulk invite. Whether it’s a CSV list of users or the output you get when copying a list of users from your email address book.


Q: Since I've enabled Project Sharing, my billing rate has increased. How can I contain this?

A: The nature of enabling this feature means that anyone who clicks the open link to join your project will automatically be added as a user to your account, thus adding an additional charge to your subscription. Be aware of this when sharing a Project Share link, and make sure to disable the feature when you have the people you want as Collaborators in your account. Utilize Review Links as a free alternative if all you are looking to do is have users review your content.

Q: Once a Collaborator joins, and I remove them from the project, can they still freely join back?

A: Be sure to switch Project Sharing OFF after the Collaborator(s) have joined the Project. If you remove a collaborator, they can rejoin the project as long as they have the same URL to join and Project Sharing is still active.

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