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Understanding your billing invoices/receipts
Understanding your billing invoices/receipts

Explaining why your receipt may show up as Unpaid after updating the credit card

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You can access your invoices from your Billing Dashboard. To access the Billing Dashboard, you must be the Team Owner or an Admin on the account:

Click view invoice to open the invoice:

You can download and save this invoice as a PDF 👍

If you upgrade/downgrade mid-billing period, you'll be charged/credited the difference, and a new invoice will be generated to reflect the change. Any positive account balance will be applied to your next billing cycle.

User Seats

Along with your subscription charge, you may see a listing for User Seats on your invoice. This will show the number of users active at the time of your billing period.

Additionally, it may also show Remaining Time and Unused Time for users on your invoice. Remaining time refers to users added to your account in the middle of your billing period and the partial charge it costs. Unused Time refers to users removed from your account in the middle of your billing period and the credit you will receive for the unused time you paid for. If multiple users were added or removed during your billing cycle, there will be a multiplier to reflect the amount.

Updating your Invoice Settings

You can edit your invoice settings at any time from the Payment Method tab on your Billing Page.

If you're in the EU, be sure to enter your VAT number here 👍

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