How to share a review link

What is a Review Link?

There are two ways to share media on 

Share as a Review Link: Share files and folders to an external reviewer, allowing for their feedback without creating a account.

Share as a Presentation: This is solely to present clips for viewing and downloading with custom branding elements (Skip ahead to learn more)

With Review Links, you can...

  • Share media (videos, images, audio, and PDFs) to external clients for review.

  • Give external clients easy access to leave feedback on shared content without using a login.

  • Enable added permissions and link settings to ensure the content is shared securely with external clients.

  • Send as many as you want! Review Links are free and unlimited, included in all subscription plans!

To create a Review Link, select Share at the top right, then select Share as Review Link. Owner, Admins, or Team Members can create Review links. Collaborators do not have the ability to share.

Files, folders, or files within folders can be shared in a Review link. Sharing a folder with sub-folders will share all media within while retaining the folder structure. After making your selection, click Create Link.

Files added or removed in a shared folder will dynamically update the Review Link making it easy to update the client's view without sharing multiple Review Links.

Review Link Settings


There are two options to share a Review Link: Copy the Link Access or Add People to the Review Link, emailing access directly to the client. Personalize the email invite by adding a custom message.

A Review Link will default to Public (anyone with the link can access it) or Disabled (no one can access the link).


Customize the Review Link by setting Reviewer Permissions. Be sure to rename the Review Link title for better organization in the Review Links management tab.

Choose to allow reviewers to download files, leave comments, approve clips, or see all versions in a version stack.

In Link Settings, set a Review Link Passphrase or an expiration date for additional security.

Viewing media on a Review Link is very similar to the Player Link within If a passphrase is set, the client will be asked to enter this. Once they do, the shared files or folders will appear. When a Review Link is set to Invite Only, only entered email addresses will have access while logged into their account.

Click on any asset in the Review Link to open it. If the file is part of a version stack, the top-level file will be selected, but this can easily be switched between the versions and even compared side by side within the Review Link.

Existing comments will be collapsed by default to give a better viewing experience. To expand the comments, click on the message icon in the right corner.

Reply directly to comments or leave some of your own. After the client's first comment, they will be asked to enter their name and email address for identification within the review and receive email notification updates. Their browser cache will save their information for the next time they open the link.

If Approvals are enabled in Link Settings, reviewers will have the ability to mark a clip as Approved, In Progress, or Needs Review.

Reviewers/Clients will receive email notifications when someone replies to their comment 🙌


Q: Are private files or folders shown in the shared Review Link?
A: Any folder or file directly shared as a Review Page will be accessible, regardless of that asset’s privacy settings in its project. If a folder is set to private, but a file within that folder is set to public, it will still be accessible. Private assets will not be displayed.

Q: Can I download folders from a Review Link?
A: Not yet, but we’re working on it! Reviewers can download assets via their browser.

Q: Can I share folders in a Presentation Link?
A: Not in the same way as you can on a Review Link. In presentations, you can either share a group of assets or a folder that will reveal the nested assets at the root level and not subfolders like with Review Links. 

Q: Is it possible to see who has viewed my links?

A: Yes! As long as they are a Team Member or Collaborator, you can monitor who has viewed your link when accessing the link within the Review Link Management tab and opening Settings.

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