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Version Stacking and Comparison Mode

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Create Version Stacks to organize your clips' revisions rather than having multiple versions as individual files in your project.  

To create a Version Stack, upload the new version, then drag it on top of the original version.

💡 Top Tip

Be sure the new version has fully uploaded before creating your Version Stack.

Once you've created the Version Stack, double-click to open in the Player Page, the newest version will be ready to view.

Access all of the versions by clicking the version at the top. You can view any previous version in that stack.

Comparison Mode

Taking it a step further, you can also compare two versions side-by-side. The comparison tool supports all supported media types (video, images, audio, PDF) in a unique side-by-side view to compare similar versions and make it easier to see the differences between cuts. This view also comes with the ability to leave comments on either version, compare audio sources, and zoom functionality.

Click Compare Versions inside the player page and select the versions on the left and right that you want to compare.

Two separate, non-version-stacked assets can also be compared at any time as well. From the project page, multi-select two assets and right-click to see the Compare Assets option. This will then launch the two files into their own comparison mode.

Version Management

Reorder versions within your version stack

Click the menu options on your version stack by clicking the three dots - select manage version stack.

From here, you can drag and drop the versions into the order you want

Remove a version from a stack

Click the menu options on your version stack by clicking the three dots - select manage version stack, hover over the version you wish to remove, and click the X to "Remove from version stack."


Q: Can I version stack images, PDFs, and audio files too?
A: Yes, all asset types can be stacked with another asset of the same type.

Q: Can I mix asset types in a version stack or compare, such as video files and images stacked or compared together?
A: No, assets can only be stacked or compared with the same asset type (videos with other videos, audio with audio, etc.), though they can be mixed within their format's file types (.mp4 and .mov, .mp3 and .wav, etc.).

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