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Recover recently deleted files
Recover recently deleted files

Restore deleted assets from your project

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Team Members have access to recover assets that have been deleted within the past 30 days from a project.

The search bar will search for your asset across all projects on that team.

Restore deleted assets by selecting "Recently Deleted Files" from the three dots on the top right of the project:


Q: Who can restore files?

A: Files can be restored by Team Members (Regular and Admin). Collaborators cannot restore deleted files, regardless if they uploaded them or not, within a Project they have access to. Collaborators can delete their own files, but no option is available to restore them.

Q: Can I restore an entire project I've deleted?

A: There is currently no option to restore deleted projects on the user side, but contact support if this occurs, and we should be able to restore the project for you, including all files and comments.

Q: Will restoring a file also restore the comments attached to them?

A: Yes! Restoring anything in the Deleted Files bin will recover all aspects of that file to its previous state.

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