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Getting Started: How do I leave comments?
Getting Started: How do I leave comments?

Feedback collection explained

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Make collaborating with your clients and collecting feedback faster and more efficient than ever before. It’s what we do best here at If you already have media uploaded, you can get started leaving comments right away. Here are the two core methods of leaving comments on your media.

Single frame comment

To comment on a specific frame of the video to review, you will want to create a single frame comment. While watching a video, pause playback on the frame you wish to leave a comment, write the comment in the comment box below the player and click Send. Your comment will now be pinned to this exact frame making it easy for any video editor to know where a revision needs to be made. This method of commenting also works with audio, image, and PDF files.

Range-based comment

If you’re looking to comment on a specific section of the video, such as a full scene, you will want to create a range-based comment. Begin leaving a comment the same way as before, then drag the bracket of the yellow indicator in the play bar to highlight the range you want to be covered. Click Send now and the comment line will be stretched and highlight the entire section, exactly down to the frame.

Use both methods of commenting to make sure your feedback is accurate. No more mistaking exactly what you meant!

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