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Adding/removing Team Members from your account
Adding/removing Team Members from your account

How to invite and remove Team Members from your Team

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Team Members

Adding a user to your Team as a Team Member gives them access to all non-private Projects on your Team. They will also have access to create projects on your Team and the ability to invite Collaborators to any Project.

Team Members are typically made up of your internal team and are trusted, work colleagues.

If a user requires limited access/privileges or should only have access to specific projects or specific files, consider adding them as a Collaborator to an individual Project or sharing the files they need to review as Review Links.

Inviting a Team Member to your Team

Click on the logo at the top left and select Add Members.

Click the Invite Users button on the top right. If you are added to multiple teams, select the team you'd like to invite the Team Member to, enter the user(s) email address, and click Invite Users. The cost for adding the Team Member will be displayed before you send the invite.

Note: Only the Team Owner/Admin has access to invite or remove another Team Member.

Team Members is a paid user. Learn more here.

Removing a Team Member from your Team

To remove a Team Member from your Team, click on the logo on the top left-hand side of the project space, click Add Members. 

Once your Users Dashboard opens, highlight the user you wish to remove. Once the user has been selected, a blue bar will appear on the bottom of your screen, which will have a Delete option on the right.

Removing a Team Member from your Team means they will no longer have access to any projects on your Team. Any content they have uploaded, along with any comments they've made, will remain.

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