You can create your own nested folder structure by using Folders or Private Folders. Private folders are only accessible to Team Members. This means Private Folders and Files will not be visible to Collaborators.

You can choose multiple files while holding Shift to select multiple files, or you can use Command for Mac or Control for PC while clicking the files and then drag them into folders.

When dragging files into a folder, be sure the drop zone appears before dropping assets into the folder. supports infinitely nested folders so organize however you would like. However, you cannot currently upload a folder from your desktop to Only the contents within the folders.

If you need to move assets out of the existing folder, click the Item Options and select Move Up Folder. However, Private folders and Private files are options on the Professional plan and above.

You can also select multiple items, right-mouse click and move them up one folder.

The reason you would want to consider using Private folders is to hide files or assets from your Collaborators. You want to invite a collaborator to your project but you don't want them to have access to all of your files. You can easily set an existing folder to private or even a file set to private and it works in real time. If someone is actively looking at a file or a folder, then you set it to private, it will no longer allow them in that folder or file.

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