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  • What is a user?
    Learn about the user roles inside Frame.io and how to properly set them up to help collaborate and share!

  • How do I upload media?
    There are multiple ways to upload files into your account. Learn about which option works best for your workflow.

  • How do I leave comments?
    Start collaborating with your team and learn about the different commenting styles to get your feedback organized more efficiently.

  • How do I share with others?
    Sharing your media is simple, easy, and most importantly free! Check out the different ways you can share your media for public feedback.

  • What other ways can I integrate with Frame.io?
    Connect Frame.io with creative tools you use to improve your workflow even more.

  • What are the pricing plans you offer?
    Find the plan that best fits your needs to be successful with a breakdown of all plans and features within.

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