Copy files/folders within your project or team, choose to copy a single file, multiple files or an entire folder.

Copy a single asset:

Open the menu options on the file you wish to copy by clicking the three dots, select Copy to from the dropdown list, select the destination you’d like to copy the asset to, or, search by a term and filter by All, Folders, Projects or Teams. 

Check Copy with comments if you'd also like to make a copy of the comments

Copy multiple assets

To copy multiple assets at one time, click the file and hold down command (Mac) cntrl (Windows) to select the additional files, right click to open your menu options and from there select Copy to  and choose the location from the folder tree or search by term

Quick copy to

Choose to quickly move file/folder by simply dragging and dropping the asset(s) onto the project listed on the left hand side, comments will not be copied over when copying this way.

Your files will not move but a copy of the original will be made in the new project without duplicating storage. The copied files will also inherit a new file ID so you can share the original and copied files as Review or Presentation Pages. 



For security reasons, copies of files and folders is not supported between accounts. Copies are only permitted between projects under the one account/Team. 


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