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There are two ways to search for content in Quick Search and Advanced
with the ability to add filters.

Quick Search

The “jump to” bar at the top of your project view allows you to quickly search for a project or asset within the current account.

As you type, the "jump to" dropdown will display projects and assets that match the entered term. You can narrow your search results with the file type filter.  At the top of the "jump to" dropdown, you'll see "🔍 search for"—clicking this takes you to the advanced search page.

NOTE: Search results are displayed per account

Advanced Search and filter

Access the Advanced Search from the top left navigation menu. The Advanced Search allows you to search for keywords contained in asset or folder names within that account. Results are displayed in the order of their relevance to your keyword. 

Narrow your search results by applying filters located to the right of the search bar. Example filters include: 

  • Assets with a status of "Needs Review"

  • Assets over 10GB in size,

  • Return Files that are MOV files, etc

Combine multiple filters to find the right media when you need it.

Below your filters are options to sort your search results and switch between Grid and List View. 

You can open and view an asset from your advanced search results. If this is the asset you were looking for, select "Reveal in project" this will open the asset in the project and exit search mode:

Not the asset you were looking for? Return to your search results. 

To exit Advanced Search, open a project.

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