Create your own folder structure within by creating Folders and sub-folders. 

For additional privacy, set the folders to Private. Private folders are only accessible to Team Members. Collaborators cannot access Private Files or Folders 🔒

Click the New button on the top right of your Project Page then choose New Folder or New Private Folder. Automatically name a new folder when you create it.

Select multiple files by holding the Shift key & Command (Control for PC) while clicking the files. Then drag them into the folder. supports infinitely nested folders so you can create as many sub-folders as you need.

💡 Top Tip:

Upload a Folder from your desktop and will retain its structure!

Move assets out of the existing folder by clicking three dots on the asset then select move up one folder

Move multiple items up one folder by selecting them, right-mouse click and select the option.

Creating Private folders and files allow you to hide assets from your Collaborators. This allows you to invite a collaborator to your project without having access to all of the files 🕵️

Change the privacy of an existing file or folder in real time. If someone is actively looking at that file or a folder and it's set to private, the Collaborator will immediately lose access.

If external users only require access to certain files, Review Pages allow for more control over what users have access to view.

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