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Copying media within your account
Copying media within your account

Make a copy of any file/folder between teams in your account

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The Copy To... option can copy a single file, multiple files, or an entire folder to different locations across your account in a much more fluid and elegant way. Instead of moving the files, this action will create new links to the asset in your account. If you’re looking to move your content, you can also move assets and folders across your account.

How to copy media

Open the menu options on a single file/folder by clicking the three dots and select Copy To... from the dropdown. Hold Command (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows) to select multiple items to copy and then select the Copy To... option.

Next, select the destination to copy the asset to by using the search bar or expand folders in the menu. Create a new folder as well if a new location is needed. Filters can be applied as well to specify folders, projects, or teams to search for.

Check off the option to Copy with Comments to copy the comments with the asset. Deselecting this will copy a clean version of the asset with no comments attached. Click Copy to confirm the new location.

Quick Copy To

Choose to quickly copy any file/folder by simply dragging and dropping them into the project listed on the left-hand side. This method, by default, will not copy the comments from these assets. The copied files will also inherit a new file ID to share the original and copied files as Review or Presentation Pages. 


Q: Will copying assets double the amount of storage they take up?
A: No, copying a file or folder does not double the storage used in your account when creating copies. The new URL for the copied content links back to the original file. 

Q: Can I copy to a different account I have access to?
A: For security reasons, copying assets and folders is not supported between accounts. They are only permitted between teams and projects under one account. 

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