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Team Members are users that share the same bucket of projects, can create new projects, and can invite others. So this would be your internal team. Typically these are your trusted work colleagues. They are indicated in a project with a T.

A Collaborator is someone you can invite into an individual project and they will not have access to, or any visibility into other projects. Typically, these are vendors or clients.

In addition, the team owner and or team members can set a collaborators permissions per project. You can also enable collaborators to be able to download source media, invite others and or even share media. Team members have access to all of this automatically.

Last, you can mark assets or folders as private if you have a Pro plan or above. Doing this means they are fully visible and accessible to your team members but invisible to collaborators.

Collaborators can:

 - See non-private videos and comment/annotate on the videos
 - Upload files
 - Create folders
 - Stack versions

Collaborators cannot:

 - See other projects they're not invited to
 - Access private folders/files
 - Delete files they did not upload
 - Delete folders
 - Unversion version stacks with files they didn't upload
 - Edit other people's comments

You can give a collaborator access or deny access to:
 - Download files
 - Invite others as collaborators
 - Share Branded Presentation links
 - Receive email notifications for new comments, added media, added collaborators

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