A Frame.io C2C Cloud Device needs to be authorized before uploading to your account. Team Members and Admins or Team Managers and Admins on Enterprise accounts can authorize a Frame.io C2C Cloud Device to a Frame.io account. If you do not see this option, check with your account Admin to ensure you have the correct permissions.

Click here to read more about permission levels in Frame.io.


You will need a Frame.io C2C Cloud Device, an iOS device with the latest Frame.io app, and an internet connection. Your device should already be connected to the internet.

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Pairing a Cloud Device

In order to pair a Cloud Device, you will need a Project that has Cloud Device Integration enabled. This can be toggled when creating a Project from the iOS device.

Alternatively, you can enable Cloud Devices Integration on an already existing Project by tapping the Project’s context menu in the Frame.io iOS app and turning on the Cloud Device Integration toggle.


Once Cloud Device Integration is enabled for your new or existing Project, you can begin adding devices.

  1. In the Frame.io app on your iOS device, go to the Project that you would like to authorize the Frame.io C2C Cloud Device to connect to and select the Cloud Devices tab.

  2. Next, select Set up new device.

  3. Set your device to Pairing Mode. Click here to learn how to put your device into Pairing Mode.

  4. Once the Frame.io C2C Cloud Device is in Pairing Mode, it will display a Pairing Code. Enter the Pairing Code into the Frame.io iOS app. Frame.io will recognize the code and ask you to authorize the device to integrate with your Frame.io Project.

  5. Review the details to ensure it is the correct device and the correct Project, then select Authorize.

After the Frame.io C2C Cloud Device is authorized you can select Finish to complete the setup or Finish & Set Device Expiration to automatically expire the device authorization at a time and date you set.

Your Frame.io C2C Cloud Device is now authorized and ready to upload to your Frame.io Project.

Removing a Frame.io C2C Cloud Device

A Frame.io Cloud Device can be temporarily set to Pause or permanently set to Forget from a Frame.io Project. Pause a device to prevent it from uploading until it is set to Resume, and Forget a device will remove it completely. After setting to Forget, It will have to be paired and authorized to be added to the Project.

💡 Note: The Cloud Device needs to be connected to the internet in order to be set to Pause. If the device is not connected to the internet when Pause or Resume options are selected in the Frame.io iOS app, the Cloud Device can not be notified of the changes. Any clips recorded locally to the device may be uploaded once network connectivity is restored. If your network connection is unstable, it is recommended to Forget the Cloud Device or power it down completely (if possible) in order to ensure a true upload block.

You can Pause or Forget a single Frame.io C2C Cloud Device by tapping on the context menu next to its name in the Cloud Devices tab in the Frame.io iOS app.

modal - cloud device options (per device).png

You can Pause or Forget all Frame.io C2C Cloud Devices in a project by selecting Project Options, then Cloud Devices.

modal - cloud devices options (all devices).png

If all Frame.io C2C Cloud Devices are set to Pause, you can repeat the steps above to Resume.

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