There are two roles within the workflow that will be important to your experience while using - Team Members and Collaborators. 

Team Members

Team Members are typically your trusted work colleagues. Why? They have special admin privileges Collaborators don’t have.
Team Members are users that share the same bucket of projects, can create new projects within the account, delete projects within the account and can invite Collaborators to projects on the team. Team Member can mark assets or folders as private (Pro plan or above). Private files/folders means they are visible and accessible to Team Members but invisible to Collaborators.
Team Members also have the ability to share Review Links and Presentation Links. This allows sharing clips without creating a account.
Learn more about Review and Presentation links here

The Team Member role is a high level role within the software and should only be given to those you wish to have all of the mentioned privileges.

How do I add a Team Member to my account? 

To add a Team Member to your account you must head on over to your account settings since they are gaining access to each project on your account, select Add Members and enter their email.
While looking at the users within the project, Team Members are indicated in a project with a T.
Here is how this looks:

How do I remove a Team Member? 

To remove a Team Member head on over to your account settings and click Add Members. You can remove them by clicking the X next to their name. If you’re having trouble removing Team Members from your account, contact the support team for help.


The second role is the Collaborator role and it is a limited role. Collaborators are typically clients or vendors that you only want to allow access to a single project within your account. Since adding a Collaborator is done on a project-by-project basis, they cannot see anything else within the account other than the project they’re invited to (you can add them to multiple projects if needed). Collaborator permissions are set by the team owner or team members on the account. You can enable them to download media, invite other collaborators or share presentation links. Collaborators cannot share review links. Unlike Team Members, Collaborators cannot delete projects. They’re indicated with a C on your project (reference image above)

How do I add a Collaborator? 

To add a Collaborator head over to your project page, click the plus sign on the top right and click Add Individual People. Type their email address to add them to the project.

How do I remove a Collaborator? 

Removing a Collaborator is done within the project page the same way you added them. Click on the user icons on the top right, click Manage Users, click Edit, then select the red - circle next to the user.

This explains the access between Team Members and Collaborators:

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