There are two roles within the workflow that will be important to your experience while using - Team Members and Collaborators. 

Team Members

Team Members tend to be members of your internal team. They can create projects and share the content you put on, whether it's through a review page or presentation, or by adding a collaborator to a project.

Team members also have more privacy controls than collaborators. They can see all of the public projects in your team for easier visibility and collaboration, and they can see (and make) private files and folders within projects. A private file is one that can only be seen by users with the Team Member role.

How do I add a Team Member to my account? 

To add a Team Member go to account settings, select Add Members and enter their email address.

How do I remove a Team Member? 

To remove a Team Member go to account settings and click Add Members. You can remove a Team Member by clicking the “X” next to their name. If you’re having trouble removing Team Members from your account, contact the support team for help.


Collaborators tend to be vendors that work with your projects on an ad hoc basis. Collaborators cannot create projects nor share the content your team adds in This means they cannot add other collaborators to projects, nor can they share content via review pages and presentations.

Collaborators also have more limited access than Team Members. Collaborators can only see those projects they've been added to and will not see the public projects in your team. They cannot see any private files or folders within a given project.

Collaborators on accounts created prior to August 23, 2018, can share presentations and add other Collaborators to projects. These permissions can be disabled on a per project basis. We have removed these collaborator permissions for accounts created after this date. 

How do I add a Collaborator? 

To add a Collaborator, go to a project and click “+” in the top right corner. Click Add Individual People and type in his or her email address to add them to the project.

How do I remove a Collaborator? 

To remove a Collaborator, go to a project and click on the user icons in the top right, click Manage Users, click Edit, then click the red circle next to the user.

Here's a list of  Team Members and Collaborators permissions:

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